The Monroes Live

Whether youíre at your favourite bar or club, a friends wedding, your company Christmas party or Dadís 50th, when the band hits the stage you want your jaw to hit the floor.

That is The Monroes musical mission.

A truly international band with its members having performed extensively throughout the Middle East, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and our bass player even gigged in Uganda once.. Scary!!??, they have drawn on this experience and their band chemistry to come up with one of the most exciting entertainment experiences in New Zealand right now.

You want 60ís Rock n Roll? CHECK
You want 70ís Disco? CHECK
You want your favourite Bon Jovi song from the 80ís? CHECK
You want that new one on ZM by whatís her name?? Yes we even do that!!

THE MONROES cover 50 years of music from Johnny B Goode to Katy Perry, AC/DC to ABBA and unlike most set-list reading bands they have honed the skill of reading the crowd and adapting their repertoire over the course of the night to suit the audiences tastes. One thing is for sure, the dance floor is always packed, and people are smiling which is the main ingredient of any great night out.

THE MONROES are proud to have both female and male vocals giving them true versatility, but its the stage show that the band are most proud of. Energy, excitement, Entertainment...and thatís just adjectives brought to you by the letter E....this is one band youíll be pleased you booked.