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Ballroom with the stars

Ballroom with the stars features Dancing with the stars professionals Aaron Gilmore and Nerida Cortese backed by Hamilton band HITLIST.
The evening will start with HITLIST doing a few numbers to get the crowd warmed up then the show starts with a flamboyant Paso Doble by Aaron and Nerida. This very sexy Latin dance is perfect to blow people away and start the show with the glitz and glamour that will make people’s night.
From this point on over two 50 minute sets, Aaron and Nerida will come out for 8-10 dances, kicking each section off with a pro dance then the band will play on for the audience members to participate and do what all dancers love to do, hit the dancefloor. There’ll be Waltzes, Cha Cha Cha’s, Foxtrots, Rumba’s, everything dancers are always requesting. Nerida and Aaron will be interacting with the audience picking the odd person to dance with, and giving a few pointers here and there.
The night is all about fun and dancing.